Over 80 sponsors and members cheered on England in their match against Sweden on Saturday afternoon in the inaugural OVSC Sponsors’ Tea Party. A fabulous array of cakes, generously baked by various members, accompanied cups of tea and glasses of Prosecco as the 1st XI cricket match against local rivals Cobham Avorians ground to a halt at 3pm to allow the cricketers some much welcome respite from the blistering sun to enjoy watching the football as well. Spurred on by the England football team, the 1st XI took to the field again after the final whistle and in a thrilling nail-biter of a match posted their 5th win of the season.

Pictured – Sponsor Geoff Baker of Geoff Baker Mortgage Advisers who kindly sponsored the Man of the Match Award and Fiona Stephen and Sarah Murphy, OVSC’s Office Managers.