Hot on the heels of the Ladies Christmas Drive on Friday 1st December, we had a brilliant Christmas party on Saturday evening. Thanks to Jeff, Moire and their boys for laying on a great buffet,  and to Pat, Denis and Nik for driving it forward, and we must mention Karen Budd for bringing a party of 14! Finally, thanks to Kim Joseph, who  provided the music and equipment to get us up and dancing.

Enough of us recovered from the excesses to play in the Christmas Drive the next day. Good tennis, interesting costumes, and a Christmas dinner laid on by Jeff, Moire and their boys (who probably hadn’t had much sleep after clearing up after the previous night’s party). Well done to them. Attached picture of a representative group of players and diners – Graham Woods, Bob Mappley, Angela Woods and Graeme Crowder (with close friend). Karen Budd won for the ladies, and Bob Mappley won (again) for the men.