Why not try Bowls?

You’ve probably seen bowls on TV from time to time or stopped to watch a game in the local park. You may have thought “I wouldn’t mind giving that a try”.
You are not alone.
But, then, it runs through your mind that bowls is more for older folk, and so, like many others, you’ve found an excuse to do nothing about it. You’ll wait until you retire and then……………maybe………

Bowls IS a great pastime for many older people. But it’s also a great sport for all.
It’s a terrific way to keep your competitive spirit going when your more active days in cricket, football or tennis are coming to an end.
Bowls is for all ages and all levels of ability.

You might have thought to yourself that you won’t be any good. Frankly – just another excuse! And you know it! No one is any good when they first start. Let’s face it – it’s not meant to be that EASY!
For a start, the wretched bowls don’t even roll in a straight line! But do you really think you are going to be playing against top internationals the first time you go on the green?

Of course, it’s not all about bowling – there’s nothing quite like sitting in the fresh air watching others bowl while enjoying a refreshing drink and a chat.

Open days especially for beginners are arranged throughout the season so Give it a GO!

Club Finals Day

Club Finals Day

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