2020 Squash Annual Tournament

This year the Annual Squash Tournament will take place between Tuesday 31 March culminating in finals day on Saturday 9 May 2020. There will be 5 tournaments to enter – the Open, Plate, Non Team, Open Doubles, Open Handicap and Ladies Tournaments.

Finals Night will take place on Saturday 9 May starting at 5pm with the aim of starting the Open Final at 7pm. All spectators are welcome to come along and watch some exciting squash!

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Charity Exhibition Squash Match

Exhibition Squash Match – Marwan El Shorbagy (10) vs Joel Makin (12)

Monday 25th November 2019 – Oxshott Squash Club

On a wet night in late November, the usual rabble of squash members turned up for the weekly instalment of “Club Night” run by the esteemed coach, Peter Crossman.  Recently, club night has been streamed; the “better” players (classified as A standard – internal leagues 1-4 and team players) have been allowed to arrive early and play between 6:45pm and 8:30pm, while everyone else arrives at 8:30pm (B standard).

Well, the A players arrived as per usual this evening to find 50 seats set out behind court 3 and Peter sweeping the court (ably assisted by Sam).  Excitement grew as they thought Peter had arranged an audience to watch their talented squash.  Hopes were dashed though when it was explained that an exhibition squash match, in aid of The Garden Route Children’s Trust, would be taking place between World Number 10 – Marwan El Shorbagy and World Number 12 – Joel Makin and these two players would need all three courts.  Two to warm up on and one to play on.  Many heads were scratched but our A players took it in good spirits and headed to their favourite part of the club (the bar) to get in the mood.

Marwan and Joel had both recently been knocked out of the quarter finals of the Channel VAS Championships at St. George’s Hill.  Marwan going down 3/0 to the eventual winner, Karin Abdel Gawad (4) and Joel pushing Paul Coll (5) all the way to the fifth game but losing 3/2.

Joel turned up early but as the start time of 7:30pm rolled around there was no sign of Marwan.  A call went up for someone to “step in”. However, by this time most A players had been in the bar for 30 minutes and their enthusiasm to participate in any physical activity had waned.  It was even cruelly suggested that Stuart Hibbert necked a bottle of beer just to avoid being called up.  The hero that is George Whitehouse went to look for a racquet just as Marwan came strolling into the club – visibly upset, George consoled himself with another drink.

The audience then made their way through to the courts to take their seats before the main action of the evening took place.  Peter introduced the players to riotous applause, Joel Makin being introduced as the guy that pushed Paul Coll to five games and one for the future, Marwan El Shorbagy was introduced as the brother of World Number 1 – Mohamed El Shorbagy (which seemed a bit harsh as he’s a pretty good player in his own right).

Won’t/can’t get into describing too much of the squash on show as it was on another level to that of which we all play.  The warm up was frenetic, never seen a ball hit that hard and with those reactions.  Joel took the first two games with some brilliant shots, creative boasts and great retrieval shots off the back wall.  Marwan highlighted he’d be doing a lot better if the tin was lower and the court was wiped after every point.  Going into the third Marwan needed some inspiration to turn the tide.  That inspiration came from the aforementioned George Whitehouse, who was clearly good friends with Marwan (who knew?!).  George shouted words of encouragement from the back row, Marwan and George locked eyes, and a connection was made.  Marwan got the upper hand and started dictating the points to Joel.  After one particularly long rally, Marwan was out on his feet but again his connection with George came to the fore.  A sub was requested and Marwan vacated the court to George in order to take Joel on in his place.  The club went wild, George asked for intro music (Eye of the Tiger, we didn’t have it but just put that image in your head).  George served, Joel barely managed to return it, George did his now famous windmill, sending Joel the wrong way, George then played a deep shot to the back left, Joel again scrambled to return, George then confused Joel by playing it through his own legs, Joel, now dead on his feet dug another return out, George tinned it and the moment was over.  George hugged Marwan like old friends do and a knowing wink was exchanged.  Marwan then took over the mantle and won the third game.  Unfortunately, George needed to go to the bar/toilet during the fourth game which his best buddy Marwan lost, giving the match to Joel 3/1.

Post-match, a curry was provided by Jeff and his wonderful family for the entire audience.  Both Marwan and Joel stayed the entire evening and signed shirts and had photos taken; they really were great sports, a credit to the squash community.

Ruth Burns, a Trustee from GRCT charity, shared how the charity helps children living in poverty in South Africa.  An auction was compered by the one and only Alan Clarke, who auctioned two bottles of booze which he’d “found at home” and he then auctioned a signed shirt from the Channel VAS Championships.  The shirt was unwittingly bought by Ed Myhill for £250.  This, the £100 for the booze and £2,000 from the rest of the evening has been donated to The Garden Route Children’s Trust.

In summary, it was an excellent evening of top-level squash which I think we all really enjoyed being a part of.  There is a real appetite to make this an annual event so watch this space next year.

Finally, Joel departed the club heading back to his base in Bristol or Birmingham or somewhere over the rainbow, whilst Marwan was seen heading into the night with the reprobates from the second team, Bill Saville, Alan Clarke, Paul Gregory and Julian Clogg.  Suspect they were trying to sign him up as they are always short a player.

Last thoughts – we have a new booking system MyCourts. Does anyone know if Joel and Marwan paid the £3 visitors fee via the system?  And has anyone asked them if they would like to join the internal leagues?

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Squash – Oxshott Vets 1st Team top of Division 1

The Oxshott Vets squash 1st team have started the new season at blistering pace and are currently sitting top of Division 1. There is still a long way to go in the season but this is one of the best starts.

Team membes John Gemmell, Peter Crossman, Stuart Hibbert and Andy Normile can be seen in the photo.

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Karakal Demo Evening

The squash section enjoyed a Karakal Demo evening on Monday 7 October. Members were given the opportunity to try out lots of different rackets and to get some expertise advice from Pete Cossey, the Karakal rep.

Every Monday evening the squash section holds a mix in session for members to play other members. The evening is run by the club’s squash pro, Peter Crossman.

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Squash Finals Night – 2019

The Oxshott Annual Squash Tournament reached its climax on Saturday night with five finals taking place.

The tournament started back at the end of March and encompassed five weeks of matches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  49 players entered six competitions (The Open, Ladies Open, Open Doubles, Handicap, Non-Team and Squash 57 (racketball)) with a Plate added after the first round of The Open.  The 49 players translated into 121 entries and required 113 matches to take place over the course of the tournament.  All games had been scheduled with a specific date and time, however there was flexibility in the schedule to allow games to be moved if players were unable to play on the date given.

Finals night started with Open Doubles on court 3 and was contested between Joe Steidl/Stuart Hibbert and Ed Myhill/Peter Crossman.  The match was extremely competitive, but played in a friendly manner with no one being hit with ball or racket.  A tightly fought battle ensued over the next hour with Ed and Peter coming out on top 3/1.   Court 2 saw the final of the Open Plate at the same time and saw on form, Mat Harris (The Swede) beat the favourite, Mark Francis (Mr Boast) 3/0.  It is worth noting here that Mat had played a league game the night before, winning 3/1 and another league game on the morning of the finals, winning that 3/2.  No one knows what Mat is taking to achieve this superior level of fitness but he is selling it in bottles in the bar most evenings.

Next on court 3, saw the Handicap final take place between Ben Godfrey and Robbert (with two b’s) Zoet.  The Handicap is a notoriously tricky tournament to organise as it is a huge challenge to get everyone’s handicaps fair.  However, I think all those watching the final agreed that Ben’s and Robbert’s worked really well come the final.  Robbert on minus five won an epic match against Ben, plus five, 3/1 in just under an hour.  A mind and leg blowing third game swung Robbert’s way with some entertainingly long rallies getting the crowd oohhhinng and aaahhing as they played every point in their seats…  Court 2 saw the Non-Team tournament take place between Simon Hibbert and Barrie Brien.  Some excellent squash took place between these two talented players.  Simon taking an early one game lead, only to be pegged back and eventually lose 3/1 to a very consistent Barrie.

The main event, The Open, took place on court 3 and saw Stuart Hibbert (4th seed) take on James Shattock (2nd seed) once all the other finals had finished.  Stuart had defeated Peter Crossman (1st seed) in their semi-final whilst James had seen off John Gemmell (3rd seed) in the other semi-final.  A closely contested first game saw Stuart come out on top and take a 1/0 lead.  Stuart then flew into a 10/2 lead in the second and looked comfortable to establish a 2/0 lead.  James had other ideas and gradually played his way back into the game taking it to 14-all and requiring two clear to win.  It ebbed and flowed over a few points before James levelled the games scores at 1/1.  The crowd erupted and it was game on.  Unfortunately for James the effort of the second game meant he didn’t get going in the final two games, and Stuart came through to win 3/1 and become Oxshott Squash Champion 2019.

Quick note, the Ladies Open final took place earlier in the tournament schedule, seeing Adel Malcom defeat Nicky Osborne 3/0.  The Squash 57 final is scheduled to take place Monday 20th May 2019 and will be contested by James Shattock and Stuart Hibbert, giving James and opportunity to get revenge on Stuart for The Open defeat.

The trophy ceremony took place on court 3 after The Open and were presented by the Squash Chairman, Rob Butler. Please see pictures attached.

Jeff and his amazing family had prepared curry for the 13, 24, 27, 28, 29, 33, 29, 31 people who stayed for dinner afterwards.   Yes, you all messed around, struggled to commit by the deadline and kept asking to be added, right up to the evening of the final.  Try and get organised in the future.  That goes for the scheduled games too.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone that entered all the tournaments and played all those games.  Without the players we don’t have a tournament, so the biggest thanks is to you all.

Links to the results can be found by clicking below:

Non-Team Tournament

Open Doubles Tournament

Handicap Tournament

Open Tournament

Open Plate Tournament



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Oxshott Squash Leagues

The current six-month squash league period (1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019) has come to an end and as such a summary is provided below.

On average 37 players per month participated in the leagues, including players from every team and club players of every standard.

206 matches were played, nearly 60.0% of those available.  1,546 games were won and obviously lost.  38,804 points were fought over.  Neil Carpenter participated in the most of these at 1,702 points, unfortunately losing more than he won.

All results were loaded to Squash Levels (www.squashlevels.com) which makes team nominations easier and also allows club members to push for team places.

Lighthouse Epsom, Independent Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser (www.geoffbakerifa.com), generously agreed to continue their sponsorship of the leagues and this enabled us to provide two incentive schemes.  Details of the schemes and winners are shown below. Congratulations to all who took part, especially those who won, and a special thanks to Lighthouse Epsom for their continuing support.

Most leagues matches played in a six month period

  1. Stuart Chaplin – 19 – 1st Prize – £50 credit to squash account
  2. Neil Carpenter – 18 – 2nd Prize – £25 credit to squash account
  3. Laurence Dawson – 17 – (with a 64.71% win ratio) – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  4. Tim Ross – 17 – 3rd Prize – £15 credit to squash account
  5. Lawrence Harness – 16 – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  6. Steve Johnson -15 – (with a 60.00% win ratio)  – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  7. Ben Sayers – 15 – (with a 60.00% win ratio) – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  8. Nicky Osborne – 15 – (with a 13.33% win ratio) – 4th Prize – £10 credit to squash account

Most games (not matches) won in a six month period

  1. Lawrence Harkness – 38 – (with a 67.86% win ratio) – 1st Prize – £50 credit to squash account
  2. Laurence Dawson – 38 – (with a 66.67% ratio) – 2nd Prize – £25 credit to squash account
  3. John Warnants – 34 – excluded as an ex-member
  4. Ben Sayers – 33 – 3rd Prize – £15 credit to squash account
  5. Steve Johnson – 32 – 4th Prize – £10 credit to squash account

The new league period has already started, 1st May 2019 to 30th September 2019.  Please sign up on the boards near the squash courts or email Sam Marshall (samuelmarshall@live.co.uk).  Click Here for Squash stats.

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Congratulations to Ben Godfrey

Congratulations to Ben Godfrey, a member of the Squash section at OVSC who represented Reed’s School recently in the National Schools Squash Trophy 2017 at the Manchester Squash Centre.  Reed’s made it to the final but were unfortunately beaten.  However, we are pleased to say that Ben won both his games in the final and in the semi-final.  This achievement was all the greater as Ben is only 12 and was competing in the U15 competition!


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