Oxshott Squash Leagues

The current six-month squash league period (1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019) has come to an end and as such a summary is provided below.

On average 37 players per month participated in the leagues, including players from every team and club players of every standard.

206 matches were played, nearly 60.0% of those available.  1,546 games were won and obviously lost.  38,804 points were fought over.  Neil Carpenter participated in the most of these at 1,702 points, unfortunately losing more than he won.

All results were loaded to Squash Levels (www.squashlevels.com) which makes team nominations easier and also allows club members to push for team places.

Lighthouse Epsom, Independent Financial Adviser and Mortgage Adviser (www.geoffbakerifa.com), generously agreed to continue their sponsorship of the leagues and this enabled us to provide two incentive schemes.  Details of the schemes and winners are shown below. Congratulations to all who took part, especially those who won, and a special thanks to Lighthouse Epsom for their continuing support.

Most leagues matches played in a six month period

  1. Stuart Chaplin – 19 – 1st Prize – £50 credit to squash account
  2. Neil Carpenter – 18 – 2nd Prize – £25 credit to squash account
  3. Laurence Dawson – 17 – (with a 64.71% win ratio) – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  4. Tim Ross – 17 – 3rd Prize – £15 credit to squash account
  5. Lawrence Harness – 16 – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  6. Steve Johnson -15 – (with a 60.00% win ratio)  – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  7. Ben Sayers – 15 – (with a 60.00% win ratio) – excluded due to appearing higher in other incentive
  8. Nicky Osborne – 15 – (with a 13.33% win ratio) – 4th Prize – £10 credit to squash account

Most games (not matches) won in a six month period

  1. Lawrence Harkness – 38 – (with a 67.86% win ratio) – 1st Prize – £50 credit to squash account
  2. Laurence Dawson – 38 – (with a 66.67% ratio) – 2nd Prize – £25 credit to squash account
  3. John Warnants – 34 – excluded as an ex-member
  4. Ben Sayers – 33 – 3rd Prize – £15 credit to squash account
  5. Steve Johnson – 32 – 4th Prize – £10 credit to squash account

The new league period has already started, 1st May 2019 to 30th September 2019.  Please sign up on the boards near the squash courts or email Sam Marshall (samuelmarshall@live.co.uk).  Click Here for Squash stats.

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Downs Volunteer Award

The Downs Volunteer of the Year Award was presented by Julian Harvey and Mehboob Dharamsi of Downs Solicitors to Chris Nicolle, ex Cricket Chairman, at the recent opening of the new cricket nets.

Chris has been instrumental in providing a platform for the cricket section to grow to where it is in now, with the number of colts having training on Fridays and Sundays reaching nearly 200 and with a 1st and 2nd team competing for promotion in their leagues.

Although not a player himself Chris has always been a very enthusiastic supporter of the teams with his encouragement from the sidelines.

We thank Downs for their support as one of the main sponsors at OVSC and in particular for their support of the Downs Volunteer Award which celebrates the value of  all volunteers at the club.



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Cricket Legend Micky Stewart OBE at OVSC

Cricket Legend Micky Stewart OBE at OVSC!

Hot on the heels of providing training facilities for Sir Andy Murray, OVSC played host to Micky Stewart OBE on Friday 26 February when he officially opened the splendid new state of the art cricket nets.

Ex England and Surrey stalwart Micky is patron of MOCC, whose home is OVSC, and he was happy to do the honours as he cut the red ribbon in front of a large crowd of cricket colts and their parents at the first training session of the 2019 season.

Funded by a mixture of fundraising activities, generous donations from members and a local grant, the new nets have totally transformed the cricketing facilities at the club and will provide a platform from which the 1st and 2nd XIs will fight for promotion this season, as well as much improved facilities for the colts section.

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Grand Opening of Hartfield House

OVSC Sponsors, Hartfield House Care Home, are having their grand official opening on Friday 3 May from 12.00pm.  A champagne reception will be followed by an official opening ceremony hosted by Angela Rippon, CBE.  To reserve your place call 01372 239436 or visit porthaven.co.uk/book/HFH5.

Click here for more details.

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Hartfield House Care Fair

Our Sponsors Hartfield House are holding a “Care Fair” on Wednesday 10 April 1pm-4pm.   You are invited to Hartfield House for information and talks by a selection of health and care professionals to find out all you need to know about finding the right care services for you and planning for the future.

Poster Care Fair April 2019

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