Racketball is played on a conventional squash court using similar rules to that of squash. The difference is that a larger faster ball is used with a slightly shorter racket. The result is that players have more opportunity to get to and hit the ball, which in turn means longer rallies. The added benefit is that injuries to players are far less and generally players can carry on playing racketball much later in life than they may have done with squash. It is an aerobic, skillful and enjoyable game. In particular, tennis players are able to adapt to racketball very quickly and become proficient having never played squash.

We have a clubnight for racketball players on Monday evenings at 5.45pm. The session is run by Peter Crossman and will cost £5.00 per session – members are welcome to turn up and give it a try.

Please let the Office at office@oxshottsports.com or Peter at peter@ezeesport.com know if you would like to attend.