Tennis Club Rules

The Tennis Committee reserves the right to modify the Rules to accommodate Club Tournaments, matches and other events.

The digital noticeboard (in the tennis pavilion) shows details of both priority court sessions (e.g. matches; club evenings etc.) and individual sessions that are subject to the 45 minute court time rule.

If the tennis courts are not pre-booked for priority sessions such as team matches or club sessions, they are available for general play.

· If people are wating only a period of 45 minutes is allowed.

· Either singles or doubles may be played.

· If the courts are busy and another player has booked the court, players should finish their game and then vacate the court.

· There is one exception to the 45-minute court time rule. For the summer tournament players are allowed to complete their match provided it does not overrun into one of the “priority” club sessions.

Courts 1 and 2 are designated coaching courts and members must give way if a coach requires the court. If a coach is using court 3 to 9 for a session that has not been approved by the Tennis Committee, the coach must give way if a member requires the court. Approved coaching sessions on courts 3 to 9 should be marked on the board by the coach responsible.

At weekends coaching is permitted only on courts 1 and 2 unless the Tennis Committee approves the use of the other courts.

Juniors have priority on court 9 except during club sessions and seniors must give way if a junior requires the court. On other courts if a senior requires the court the junior should finish the game and then vacate the court. A junior playing with a senior counts as a “junior” court session.

Smoking is not allowed on court. Mobile phones should be switched off at all times whilst a player is on court. Drinking glasses or cans must not be taken on court. Chewing gum is not allowed to be used whilst on court. All club tennis balls must be returned to the correct location in the hut when members finish their game.

Appropriate tennis clothing should be worn on court at all times.

Floodlit court bookings are for periods of 1½ hours. Play is allowed until 9 pm each evening. Booking sheets are displayed in the tennis hut. Tokens are available from the Club Office or the bar. Floodlit courts can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Please Note: At all times tennis shoes must be worn and the soles must not be ridged or capable of damaging the playing surfaces. Members should also ensure that they keep their ibuttons with them as proof of membership and in order to enter the Clubhouse.

The artificial clay courts must be dragged upon completion of play. Please make sure that the drag brushes are hung up on the fence upon completion. Use the brushes outside the courts and the clubhouse to avoid leaving red infill around the club.