During the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the club is using the LTA ClubSpark court booking system to allow Tennis to continue while abiding by the guidelines set by the Government and the  LTA. It also will help provide Track and Trace information if necessary in the event of infections.

Oxshott Tennis Club doesn’t have a formal court booking system for social play, as for most of the time throughout the year there is very little congestion for courts. However, there are a few times to try to avoid if possible. Like most clubs, mornings from 8am to about 10.30am, and from 5pm onwards are busy times during the week. Saturdays are particularly busy, with juniors taking over the courts until late morning and the club mix-in starting early afternoon. Home matches can increase demand for courts both at weekends and evenings. There are many groups who play regularly at a fixed time of the week, and we find it is better for  groups to dovetail their playing times, so that they can rely on courts being available for their group at their favourite time of the day or week.

Courts are pre-booked for home league matches, mix-ins, court maintenance and court hirings, and details can be seen on Tennis Sessions page – see the menu on the left.

Floodlights can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance from September to the end of March, but official club sessions and home league matches will take priority over these bookings.

Anyone looking to play a regular session can ask the office, the coaches or any of the Tennis Committee members about an optimum time to play, and also about formal sessions that are available.