Tennis General Information

Court Availability

There is no advance court booking system at the club, apart from for floodlights (see below). Information on court usage for matches and events can be seen on this website under court bookings.   If members are waiting to play and there are no free courts then those playing should stop after 45 minutes unless it is a match.


Tennis balls are provided free of charge for all senior members, whilst playing at the club. They are located in the ball cupboard in the tennis hut.


Floodlights can be booked during the Winter season (1st September to 31st March) in half hour slots from 3.30 – 9.00 pm, with a maximum of 3 consecutive sessions (i.e. 1½ hours) bookable per member. Bookings can be made up to two weeks in advance on sheets in the small hut. Tokens are available from the office, bar and coaches pavilion and cost £3.00 each and are used at the time of play. If no-one turns up to use a floodlight booking within 10 minutes of its start time, other members may claim the court. Be aware that the floodlights can take a few minutes to warm up to full brightness, and if they have just turned off then it can take another several minutes for them to cool down before they will restart. If you are following other players who are using floodlights, it is better to make a note of the time left on the control unit in the small hut, insert one or more tokens before the lights go out, and inform those on court that you will be claiming the court at the time their tokens would have run out

Clothing and Shoes

It is important that recognised tennis clothing should be worn on court at all times. Proper tennis shoes must be worn and should be non-marking on the courts. Members are issued with shoe tags each year and should wear them at all times.


Visitors pay a fee of £5 for seniors and £1 for juniors. Each person may play as a guest 5 times in one year, after which time they are expected to become members. For visitors attending coaching sessions special arrangements apply. Details may be obtained from the coaches.

Court Rules

The Court rules are displayed by the booking board on the small tennis hut and also on this web site. Click here.


Any member who would like to play in the Club’s coach led social sessions need to get a rating from James Starr the Head Tennis Coach.

Singles League

The club operates a Singles League. This runs on a quarterly basis and is open to all players. Details on the league and how to enter are displayed in the large tennis hut and can also be found on this web site. Click here.